We live with many acronyms. ROFL stands for ‘Rolling On Floor Laughing’. I must admit that in my four years stay in Pune I had many moments of ROFL at work. Colleagues were friends and friends were colleagues. Discussions during times of leisure use to be full of fun. Often with bone tickling laughter. We had so many ROFL moments…. memorable indeed!
Last 6 weeks in Nagpur have been equally enjoyable. But my funny bone is now finding leisure not in ROFL but in GOLF….Yes you have guessed it correctly…I m talking about the elite sport. Unless unknown to me people have found some acronym by that name…something like Going On Leave Finally!
At my work place I have an opportunity to learn how to play the game of golf. Also Its kind of lil difficult to begin with. You often hit the ball in the wrong manner and it barely moves. And there are times when you surprise yourself by the ‘pro’ shots. If your bad luck is not too bad. But anyways practice makes golfers perfect (man/woman) and I m happy to learn all the chipping and putting. Experienced hands are guiding me by their game.
Now you see…I am very serious about the game but because of my inept shots the golf ball is surely ROFL.

Nagpur it is!

Having spent over 25 years in Nasik, (natural fridge as they call it) experiencing summer of Nagpur is indeed an adventure. For last few days (and nights) all I have been wondering about is the cool-headedness of the people in this hot city. Most of them are immune to this climate. They just got themselves adjusted here! 

Ceiling fans are our buddies, desert coolers are our best friends and for some of us who are lucky, ACs are like family members…they share the pain…

Average day is anywhere around 42 to 45 degrees with high humidity. Back there in my home town, most of us from Nashik use to crib about the summer heat. Look at me now…its all gone. These days I am often found explaining to my pals.. hey look, its easy. You adapt to the climate. Its ok and what not….

I wish it was all that easy. For now let me put the AC on and take my mind off this subject. 

At least by mid June there will be dark cloud …I don’t want the silver lining, please!