Coffee & Emotions

Early morning coffee is like a warm hug from mother to her child.

At breakfast coffee is like a child who has completed his homework and is excited to go to school. It stirs hope and encouragement.
During morning hours at work coffee is like a pat on the back asking you to do more.
Afternoon coffee is like the refreshing feeling one gets after a short nap. It fills breath with energy.
Evening coffee is like an elegant smile of that friend who just looks at you and you feel she said something nice.
Coffee before dinner is like joy of waiting for your favorite book arriving tomorrow by post.
Coffee at night is like a caring hand caressing you by touching your brow.
A cup of coffee is much more than a drink. Coffee is like an innocent kiss on your palm and a soft murmur in your ears which is trying to say, “Relax. Everything is going to be OK.”

Der Lagi Lekin, Maine Ab Hai Jeena Seekh Liya

Nice song from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. This immensely meaningful lyrics has been penned by Javed Akhtar and Shankar Mahadevan’s voice does rest of the magic.

This one is for my students. I think all of you who are in your twenties and struggling to make your mark must listen to this song. The music is awesome  but please listen to its message. Life is too short to get lost in what you failed to achieve. So, come what may never let your hopes die a silly death. Celebrate life for there are more reasons to smile than to frown. All the ups and downs are worth the toil. All failures and fatigues will take you far, very far. Enjoy the journey of hardship. Enjoy this journey filled with surprises, adventures and astonishments.

Der Lagi Lekin
Maine Ab Hai Jeena Seekh Liya
Jaise Bhi Ho Din
Maine Ab Hai Jeena Seekh Liya

(Patience and perseverance makes me who I am. With time, I will learn to accept life as it comes.)

Ab Maine..
Yeh Jaana Hai
Khushi Hai Kya
Gumm Kya
Dono Hi, Do Pal Ki Hai Ruttein
Na Yeh Thehre Na Rukey
Zindagi Do Rangon Se Bane
Ab Roothe Ab Maane
Yehi Toh Hai, Yehi Toh Hai, Yahaan
(Happiness is a flow. So is my grief. Nothing is permanent. The beauty of life lies in cheering this cycle of blossom and fall forever.)
Ab Maine
Yeh Jaana Hai Kise Kahoon Apna
Hai Koi, Jo Yeh Mujhse Keh Gaya
Yeh Kahan Tu Reh Gaya
Zindagi Toh Hai
Jaise Karvaan
Tu Hai Tanha Kab Yahan
Sabhi Toh Hai
Sabhi Toh Hai Yahaan

(We all come from different ships, sail in different boats but are part of the same ocean. Never stop loving humanity because of bias for few humans. As they say, if you love someone set them free. If they love you, they will come back. There are so many hands reaching out to you. Hold them. Don’t get stuck in your past.)

Koi Sunaaye Joh Hasti Muskurati Kahani
Kehta Hai Dil, Main Bhi Sunu
Aansu Bhi Moti Ho Jo Kisi Ki Nishaani
Kehta Hai Dil Main Bhi Chunu
Baahein Dil Ki Ho Baahon Mein Chalta
Chalun Yu Hi Raahon Mein
Bus Yunhi, Ab Yahan, Kab Wahan
(Say that I want to be a part of this grand experience. I want to go there and see that unknown even if it breaks my heart. I wish to belong because I know just one thing that all of this is impermanent.)


Human mind is an impermanent structure. Never block someone for future based on his or her actions in past.

Happiness is not thinking about others reaction to being happy.

Pain is a temporary feeling. Suffering is nature’s gift to remind us about fragility of this life.

He who smiles on his own miseries is strongest of all.

We are made-up of matter. But the point is how does it matter. Mind defines us, not body.

Material success is immaterial for those who don’t think of others while at rest.

Action is the first step towards joy. One who dreams without working is the one who complains the most.

Vastness of sea and sky reminds us of irrelevance of our ego. In a year’s time it does not matter who was hurt, us or them.

Be kind to all. After all we all are equally meaningless outside our own imagination.

‘I don’t like it’ is nothing more than saying here is one more reason for the world to reject me.

Kindness often comes in the form of a tight slap on your face by someone who wants to change you forever.

Help ever, hurt never. Judge less, support more.

Tamashe Ki Talash Mein

Sadak par bheed lagi thi

Shor tha aur kuch alfazon mein jor tha

Ek aadmi behosh hokar gir pada tha

Use dekhne wale bohot the par puchne wala koi nai …

Main bhi tha un dekhne walon mein

Us bheed ka hissa, Us shor ka hissa

Main bhi tha us din us tamashe ka hissa . . .

Aur bhi kai log the jo tamasha dekhne aye the

Jo ghar se nikle the kahi pahunchne ke liye

Magar tamashe ki chahat mein wahi rukh gaye . . .

Hum sab mein woh akelapan hai

Jo roz nikal padta hai kisi tamashe ki talash mein

Kisi shor, kisi bheed ko dhundne . . .

Ek ghabrahat hai kho jaane ki

Kisi aur se, ya shayad apne aap se hi

Jo har gali har mod par hame rokh leti hi . . .

Bus itna batane ke liye

Ki tamashbeen aur bhi hai

Jo dekhne aaye hai, poochne nahi.

Fabrics of Lives

Isn’t this life more or less like a fabric? Aren’t we all interwoven with threads of different emotions, situations, feelings, belongings, achievements, victories and sorrows?

Quality of our fabric depends on what the creator decided to weave us with. Also it depends on the designs we chose to add to that base. Some have embroidered it with laughs while others with morns and pangs. Some have colored it with smiles whiles others chose to color the fabric in plain black hopelessness. There are those who shaded their fabric with grey and those who painted mountains, birds, valleys and flowers on their piece. Then there are those who remain simple clean untouched white sheets too.

Quality is a relative term. No two fabrics have same threads. There might be similar threads but not same threads! Some have very tightly knit structure while others don’t. The ones that are loosely knit might have a different purpose to serve. They don’t become weak just because the knitting is different. Shapes vary, sizes vary, patterns and yarns vary too. That is what makes this world a mosaic of wonderful choices and forms.

So if you happen to touch a fabric which is different from yours, just accept it the way it is. Each thread there is special, each thread is unique.

Interview of a Zen MBA Aspirant

Somewhere in the parallel universe (in India!)

Interviewer (I) – How will you introduce yourself?

Zen AspiranT (ZAT) – Who am I? I’m neither the knower nor the known. I’m that. I’m being without belonging.

I – What kind of introduction is this? Just tell me something about yourself.

ZAT – Something cannot exist without nothing. Nothingness represents pure self. You and I are one and the same. We all are part of unifying cosmic oneness.

I – What? OK, Why MBA?

ZAT – MBA is manifestation of supreme consciousness hidden within all of us. It is a material creation of what we already possess inside us. MBA is nothing but a spiritual journey without any destination.

I – Oh! I see. So where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

ZAT – I don’t see myself anywhere 5 years from now. The ultimate goal of life should be to dissolve ‘I’ and surrender oneself to nature which has no ego, no wants and no desires.

I – Who is your role model?

ZAT – All roles and models are nothing but an illusion. My only ‘model’ for happiness is rolling over every morning while practicing meditation and yoga.

I – What do you read? Who is your favorite author?

ZAT – There are infinite miracles happening around us day and night. We too are a miracle. Introspection is the most refined form of reading. I’m my favourite author!

I – What is GDP? What is Repo Rate? How is Inflation calculated? What is Balance Sheet?

ZAT – Money is a figment of our imagination. That which does not exist cannot be measured. All dimensions of virtual reality are nothing but ‘maya’. GDP is same as Repo is same as inflation is same as BS.

I – Now go in ‘Samaddhi’ and complete your Miracle in Belief and Abstraction course. Also, before your next appearance please ensure that you fulfill the basic requirements of being an MBA aspirant. Just complete BE mechanical, join a IT company, work as developer for two years for the same client, get frustrated and then apply.

ZAT – You think I have not gone through this cycle before 🙂

Illusion of Control

In the first part of Kung Fu Panda movie series, Master Oogway tells Shifu, “You will never fulfill your destiny until you let go of the illusion of control.” 
This line just coming back to me, over and over again. The illusion of control! What a powerful thought. What all can we control? And how much of all that we think we can control, can we control? Are we in control of our thoughts at all?
Most humans feel a subtle sense of joy when they see things happening as desired by them. Also often many of us go through a gripping sense of anxiety when we anticipate things to go out of our control. Are we wired to ‘control’? Do we need a constant realization of ‘being in control’ for every action we take or plan to take?
Trying to control the consequences of our actions is like trying to change the shape of water after it has been poured into a glass. It will take the shape of that glass. But when we decide to reject this fact and apply our mental energies to changing this shape, it definitely ends up hurting us. We feel dejected because in the process of control we either lose the water or we lose the glass itself.    
Letting things happen as they does not mean indecisive inaction. It is not about being lackadaisical or lazy. It is also not about being undetermined. To be aware and to let go of is a difficult task for our minds. When we are aware of the possible consequences of your action and yet you choose not to chase the best possible outcome, we cannot be at ease. We tend to feel that we must ensure that we get the best result because we and only we can make it come through. But there could be several other factors which our cognitive abilities don’t help us to comprehend. Most of us don’t have the courage to accept these unforeseeable currents which can seize the control of events from us.
What we end-up controlling is not the outcome but the very process of getting that outcome. We must never forget that we are running on a surface which itself is running. We must never forget that we are just a cog in the wheel. 
To sum-up the point I would like to quote Osho who once said, “Be. Don’t try to become.”