Der Lagi Lekin, Maine Ab Hai Jeena Seekh Liya

Nice song from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. This immensely meaningful lyrics has been penned by Javed Akhtar and Shankar Mahadevan’s voice does rest of the magic.

This one is for my students. I think all of you who are in your twenties and struggling to make your mark must listen to this song. The music is awesome  but please listen to its message. Life is too short to get lost in what you failed to achieve. So, come what may never let your hopes die a silly death. Celebrate life for there are more reasons to smile than to frown. All the ups and downs are worth the toil. All failures and fatigues will take you far, very far. Enjoy the journey of hardship. Enjoy this journey filled with surprises, adventures and astonishments.

Der Lagi Lekin
Maine Ab Hai Jeena Seekh Liya
Jaise Bhi Ho Din
Maine Ab Hai Jeena Seekh Liya

(Patience and perseverance makes me who I am. With time, I will learn to accept life as it comes.)

Ab Maine..
Yeh Jaana Hai
Khushi Hai Kya
Gumm Kya
Dono Hi, Do Pal Ki Hai Ruttein
Na Yeh Thehre Na Rukey
Zindagi Do Rangon Se Bane
Ab Roothe Ab Maane
Yehi Toh Hai, Yehi Toh Hai, Yahaan
(Happiness is a flow. So is my grief. Nothing is permanent. The beauty of life lies in cheering this cycle of blossom and fall forever.)
Ab Maine
Yeh Jaana Hai Kise Kahoon Apna
Hai Koi, Jo Yeh Mujhse Keh Gaya
Yeh Kahan Tu Reh Gaya
Zindagi Toh Hai
Jaise Karvaan
Tu Hai Tanha Kab Yahan
Sabhi Toh Hai
Sabhi Toh Hai Yahaan

(We all come from different ships, sail in different boats but are part of the same ocean. Never stop loving humanity because of bias for few humans. As they say, if you love someone set them free. If they love you, they will come back. There are so many hands reaching out to you. Hold them. Don’t get stuck in your past.)

Koi Sunaaye Joh Hasti Muskurati Kahani
Kehta Hai Dil, Main Bhi Sunu
Aansu Bhi Moti Ho Jo Kisi Ki Nishaani
Kehta Hai Dil Main Bhi Chunu
Baahein Dil Ki Ho Baahon Mein Chalta
Chalun Yu Hi Raahon Mein
Bus Yunhi, Ab Yahan, Kab Wahan
(Say that I want to be a part of this grand experience. I want to go there and see that unknown even if it breaks my heart. I wish to belong because I know just one thing that all of this is impermanent.)

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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