Why this rare phenomena is so common in my country

I heard one teenager asking his dad, “Tell me papa, why are rapes so common in India?”

That kept me thinking for some time. Every alternate day the newspaper carries a news item of ‘R’ word.

So I went looking for numbers. We are right up there on charts. We as a country are almost as bad as Africa on this count. What a shame! Are we really that poor?

Also another important fact is that all these statistics are drawn from samples of ‘reported’ crime against women. What about stray incidents in remotest parts of India? Neither media reaches nor the victims are able to reach out to media to plead for justice.

And what justice can we do. Who are we. Tribal people in uniforms and black suits. There are so many of them in our neighborhood and relations. Wolves waiting for dreadful opportunities.

But these are facts. There is little use of deliberating on facts. They are what they are. All ‘I’ can do is to console myself that ‘my’ world is safe. How long and how much? Do I care to think, every time I read about an animal gone wild.

Why? Lack of education? Not at all. If you are a man, you know the common jokes that people crack on women. You know many in your acquaintance act ‘manly’ under the garb of professionalism. Perhaps even you too lose your mind and mock someone once in a while. This country is not illiterate, it is semi-literate. People know what to do. They fail to avoid ‘what not to do’ type of actions.

So, illiteracy is not the reason. This ‘rich’ country is full of ‘poor’ people. Zero values. Entire effort is on merry making at the cost of those who have no control over how you chose to behave. So when on road, litter. When in public toilet, spit. While using public property, tear down. Just don’t care. Enjoy. That’s what a rapist does. Forget the consequences. Keep aside all values. Think of self and only self.

Like an echo, it all comes back. In different forms.

If ‘I’ give my best, wherever I am, I-ndia will not face such embarrassing questions from young minds.

Think about it.


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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