What Indians Miss Abroad

Though personally I have never lived outside India, relatives and friends who are abroad often say that they miss a lot of action from India. 

So things that add colours to our lives here,which the NRIs unfortunately miss, include – 

Chai-taparis – place where we are free to discuss issues ranging from match-fixing to match-making… with cutting-chai in one hand and cigarette in another! 

Paav-bhaaji /chaat thellas – several evenings are incomplete without them…

Barf-golas – this invention is yet to be patented…the act of eating a gola makes adults behave like kids and vice-verse

Rickshawalas – who contribute to hustle-bustle of urban Indian living…

Hoardings – with people posing to personify … Birthdays, Victories, Demises, Success, Failure, Muscles, Gold…what not…

Cyclists (with deaf ears) in the middle of the road – test several driving skills …patience being just one of them…

Potholes – that act as barometers of physical fitness…

Beggars – at traffic signals…they keep minds occupied for 90 secs…

Hawkers – shouting at the top of their voice …loot lo..loot lo…sau ka chaar…sau ka chaar…

Top-class sedan owners displaying life management skill of driving while talking on their mobile phone ..ignoring all type of sounds, including honking of horn..

Watching people press the elevator call switch repeatedly while waiting for it’s arrival…

There must be more…many more….many of you must have been there, felt that!

Let me know what you saw…how you felt…

To quote Ruskin Bond, a prolific writer, Britisher (born in India to British parents) who never felt like leaving India once said in one of his interviews,“….there’s a great deal of romance in India’s past. No matter what one says one cannot ignore that aspect. For me, that romance is still integrally present in India, in its cities, villages, the forests and valleys – just about everywhere. The tremendous variety of people and landscape present, romance is present everywhere.”


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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