What I learn from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have changed my perception about life. How! Let me explain.

They teach me the importance of determination to pursue and extract most out of a given situation. They also teach me how important it is to be flexible and agile in my work. Change the subject when you realize the idea does not work. Just move on. All people don’t contribute to your success so never stick to only one source of joy. You never know what opportunity awaits you in the next best alternative. Moreover being fixated to one phenomena can be disastrous and fatal. So never wait too long. Fly away and believe in your goals.

They teach me how I need to behave when my enemies (or repellents) try to kill my spirit. No one has ever died due to suffocation despite best efforts made my others to stifle somebody’s ambition. When the gas/smoke of petty politics is to too dense, find your way out of such entanglements. You may starve for a night but remember every evening is a new page in your life. Darker it gets better it is. 

I learnt the value of making friends. Attack a situation with a group of like minded mates. One person alone can’t scare a family of powerful opponents. Work with unity and even if you lose a close team-mate never feel dishearten. Just keep flapping your wings and make some noise. Fear of getting affected or diseased shakes the minds of tired and sleepy souls. Keep this fear high. Once in a while use your best weapon and demoralize (hospitalize) a few good men. It works.

Above all what I learnt is sleep when others work and work when others sleep. Remember there is no substitute to hard work. Any degree of threat whether it’s natural and artificial should not mar your faith. Get used to working around all ‘Good Nights’. Last but not the least, teach your children all these lessons of bravery. Make them as powerful as you. Tell them, “my child, for every ‘Tortoise’ out there, there are a thousand mosquitoes who shall win the race. 


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

3 thoughts on “What I learn from mosquitoes”

  1. I never thought that a mosquito could actually change perspective, it actually did! A very nice observation from day to day events or minute creatures for that matter. It was a great lesson with subtle humour, Sir. Thanks for the post.


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