Udhaar Card

Question – What is the Hindi word for Credit Card? 

Answer – Udhaar Card (Credit refers to Udhaar)

Yes, imagine what would happen if our government decides to increase purchasing power of its people by making it compulsory for them to enroll for Udhaar Card – An unique credit card provided by the State to it’s citizens. Another agency, like UIDAI, would be established by the name Udhaar Individuals Development Authority of India. It shall have some ex-CEO type as its chairman. It would have slogans like “Some things your own money can buy. For everything else there is Udhaar Card. 

This card would have no credit limit. Precisely because if you fail to pay your bill, you would be deprived of all government amenities like use of roads, water, electricity etc. Billing cycle would be of five years i.e. until the next round of elections. Rewards point system would make you eligible for government services and products like BSNL Data Card, Coal, Oil and Natural Gas etc. The classification i.e. Silver Gold, Platinum, etc would be done by spying on an individual’s personal opinions about the ruling party. Thus Platinum Plus types would be people who are eager to spread good words about existing government and it’s benevolence!

Then there would be offers likes 50% cash back on fertilizers, farm equipment, gas etc. Promotions like “Buy one, Get one” would apply to products like defense aircrafts and war ships. Weekend offers would include discounts on services like tickets of Indian Railway and State Transport Buses.Online payment won’t be permitted. Only In-line (queue) payment would be accepted. There would be at least 5 tele-marketing calls to persuade you to jack up your savings in Public Provident Fund and Government Securities (Bonds). Once in a while you might also get an annual news letter, signed by the Prime Minister, appraising you about overall economic environment of the nation.

Wait and watch. Future will belong to those who shall master the art of Udhaari. Not very far from now our creditworthiness will be controlled by our government. 

But all we need to do in a such case is to Swap intelligently!


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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