TEDx IMTN – Mirages Decoded

IMT Nagpur witnessed its first TEDx last Sunday, 31st Jan on the campus. I feel truly privileged to share my reflections on ideas shared by the six speakers at this electrifying event. 

1. Anindita Banerjee – A simple school teacher striving to make a difference. Her ideas: 

(a) Transforming schools with value based learning. 
(b) Why and how society needs to respect teachers.
(c) Responsibility of parents and society in shaping children to create a better India.

2. Suhani Shah – A magician who believes in wonderful powers of human mind. Her ideas:

(a) Magic is not real it is a creation of human mind; an illusion and yet a         reality.
(b) We can change the way we live by changing the way we think.
(c) Magic is all around us. All we need is awareness and curiosity to feel it.

3. Aparna Banerjee – A transgender who wants to change the way normal people look at Hijra community. Her ideas:

(a) Transgender are human beings. They do have all the aspirations as you and me. They need love and respect.
(b) The community feels marginalized due to lack of opportunities. They feel frustrated and lost.
(c) Any one of us could end-up giving birth to a transgender child. Such children need love because their parents may have siblings but they don’t have other parents.

4. Rahul Arya – Sand artist with amazing hands and even more amazing heart. His ideas:

(a) Any form of art communicates with us about our culture and our history.
(b) Artists must be regarded as mainstream achievers. Art is not hobby. Art is a way of life.
(c)  When there is violence irrespective of who wins the war, a mother loses a son. Let us live in harmony and peace. 

5. Kartik Verma – Cyclist with an urge to explore real happiness. His ideas:

(a) Happiness and money are not related. Money and success are not related. 
(b) Poor people who live hand to mouth are able to lead a very happy life despite of having little financial security.
(c) Do what you like. Follow your heart and you will realize that there are many things that money can’t buy.
6. Tavish Bhattacharya – An actor who is determined to overcome stereotypes. His ideas: 

(a) Stereotypes are labels we attach to people by generalizing things because it’s simple and effortless to build and nurture biases. 
(b) We develop stereotypes because of secondhand and thirdhand information we chose to absorb from others. This makes us cynical and narrow.
(c) Welcome everyone with an open mind. All are different. All are special. We must not draw lines and categorize people based on their caste, creed or appearance.

The theme of TEDx IMTN was decoding mirages. I felt a lot of my mirages got decoded thanks to this painstaking effort by a group of zealots at IMT Nagpur. Kudos to team TEDx of IMTN.

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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