Take it with a pinch of cricket

As I was rushing to catch the bus for office last week, on my way I checked the fixtures for India vs. Bangladesh cricket tournament. In no time I got all the details I was looking for. While waiting for the office bus my mind went back to good old days of cricket craziness. School recess use to be an exhilarating time to either play cricket, talk about the ongoing tours or fight with friends to push our views for or against a star. Tendulkar, used to be a separate subject in himself. Talks surrounding him of course always dominated all the debates. I distinctly remember my friend Binu giving us ‘technical’ gyaan and fundas of the game. His forte was statistics of the game. Then we had twin brothers Zaheer and Mazhar who vehemently fought with each other to justify their arguments for or against the game. Those were lovely times. Simple because we had no hand held devices to watch the live matches in school yet charming because that made us miss cricket all the more. It only increased our cravings for updates which we could get only after reaching home. Times have changed and so have our preferences for cricketing information. We need all the updates now and here. And the best part of this changes is so many companies are trying to enhance our experience of love for cricket. 

Let me narrate a memorable instance. This one is from ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. India vs. Pakistan match scheduled on 15th of Feb. I had to go out of office for some outdoor work. It was unimaginable to miss those exciting moments which take place once in four years. Thanks to the smartphone and a good internet connection I was lucky enough to catch-up all the action on real time basis. What I enjoyed the most was the liveliness in atmosphere and people of all ages around me who were going mad minute by minute as the game progressed and India started dominating the game. It was a colourful display of emotions on and off the screen. Live Streaming of Star helped me live those moments. 

All this life and fun is thanks to technology and the people who work behind us to fill our moments with joy. I feel a pinch of cricket adds lot of taste to our life. Add a pinch of cricket once in a while and see the difference.  

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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