Supporting Aadhaar

Hope by now you have got yourself enrolled for ‘Aadhaar’ Card. If not please do so for two reasons. First, simply because it’s an essential document of identity as an Indian citizen. Second, you must go through the process to appreciate the initiative and effort involved in fructifying it.

I did that on last Saturday. The experience was truly unique. The staff was extremely co-operative and professional. They followed strict adherence to time. I found the members at the center engaged, motivated and passionate about what they were doing. 

This is neither exaggeration nor sarcasm. As I said, you have to be there to know what it feels like to work in a 100 sq.ft room at 45 degree celsius without air-conditioner and 20 people surrounding your table, making best possible effort to prove their unique identity.

It takes anywhere between 10-12 minutes per person. There are three different bio-metric scans. Then there are personal details to be fed into system. Also cross verification of details so that they are no mistakes in the final copy. If small children are lined-up in the process then average time taken per person goes up considerably. The activity demands tremendous amount of concentration on the part of worker who is feeding all this data.

There are illiterate, semi-literate and literally fools all present at same place. Diversity reduces risk, but not here. 

There are those who have no clue about how to read the registration form. Then there are those who can understand the requirements of expected details and supporting documents but who think it’s a matter of disrespect if they don’t question the necessity of the same. I also saw so called educated people struggling to make sense of the simple facts that were required to be shared in registration process.

But the staff was intelligent enough to handle all sort of sense and non-sense. They were giving their best but critics and skeptics were waiting to spoil the spirit.

There came a moment when instead of appreciating the painstaking efforts of workers, a gentleman (behaved like a mental-man) started passing comments about the ‘system’. He was loud and arrogant. He was demeaning the sincerity of workers. I listened to all his drama for about 5-7 mins. Eventually decided to to help him understand his true identity. Blasted him with remarks that shattered his fake ego. His reaction was like that of a 15 year old teen slapped in classroom amidst friends who wants to cry but controls the outburst. 

Finally, I am happy I got myself enrolled and return home with a sense of satisfaction.

So be there and know what you deserve to know. Don’t postpone. Your identity, which is probably already very unique, may not need any formal approval but stand besides those who are trying to make this nation a better place. 
Support Aadhaar. 


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

3 thoughts on “Supporting Aadhaar”

  1. Superlike..Well written Anil !! Liked it…The best was the part where you gave the mental-man a piece of your mind…could have added flavour to this piece by giving some excerpts…anyhow…i can imagine the picture !!


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