Need for Speed

Having internet connection at home or inside your smart phone is given. Having internet connection at rates that are reasonable is also given. Having internet connection that delivers promised speed is a facility which is yet to be given along with data card and SIM!

Like lord Shiva’s 3rd eye, I thought opening up of 3G will destroy all woes of Indian data card holders who have pledged invaluable moments of their life looking at a slow moving search engine. I fantasized 3G speed so much that I remember discussing about life after 3G. 

If you expect fabulous improvement in surfing speed with 3G, you shall end up in frustration. Except few pockets of cities where 3G connectivity is available, the network  is generally disappointing. This has been proven right by several telecom players whose internet service I experimented with. 

Every time I change internet service provider with the hope that I shall get ‘value’ for my money. But all I am compelled to get is a feeling that I am  a  ‘valued’ customer. I thank all customer care departments for overdoing an excellent job.

Like good old days of itinerant mobile phone network where I went from one room to another in search of connection, these days I move in search of network for my data card. I wonder who is trying to catch whom. Catch 22 situation or some kind of hi-tech hide and seek.

4G is on the verge of making an electrifying entry into our lives. Let’s hope the 4th G has more Guts than Glory. Join me in folding hands and praying to Lord of the Rings (4G Circles), “O my mighty lord, let this G help India to ‘gambol’ on net. Please, no more ‘gamble’.”

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

2 thoughts on “Need for Speed”

  1. You must understand marketing to understand the tricks of the G-9 countries- or corporates. They are always G(ung) ho (usually in G(angs) or cartels) about their next launch, without moving out of their offices to figure out whether they really work. So only the Big G or God can help you.


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