Making of an Indian Doctor

There are two types of doctors – Medical Docs and PhD folks …

This one is not about the later. It will take some time to write about it. Moreover a lot has already been written.

Making a doctor out of their child has been a long cherished dream of many parents in India. So has its been one of the most aspirational professions for lakhs of Indian students. But few get to pursue it as a career. 

Very few get to know, through a first hand experience, about the process that an individual goes through before calling himself or herself a ‘Doctor’. The hardships, both physical and mental,  involved are by any stretch of imagination far beyond those involved in other courses of professional education. Only if one has closely ‘seen’ his/her brother/sister go through this feat, one can fully appreciate value of their struggle.

Keeping the ‘eligibility’ part aside and assuming one has made it ‘in’…this is what it takes (particularly in a government/civil hospital setup) – 

During first couple of years of graduation…courage and tenacity to handle…blood, dead bodies, torn skulls, open hearts, burnt skins, broken bones etc ….Tons of reading…sleep deprived nights…third grade food, toilets….stinking rooms, chemicals….arrogant and illiterate staff….back breaking writing and maddening stress.

In later years, once they get used to it, pressure to perform in exams…studies…discussions…hands-on operations….people management….casualty issues…accident cases…if one is in ‘Bombay’ then cases of bomb blast..bodies coming to hospital in 5-6 parts…90% or more burns..rotten flesh and amputated hands.. 

Meeting parents once in a year or so (if possible)…5 year coursework and then..

On completing MBBS…serving government on ‘bond’ for a year…internship in rural area…more stress…low stipends…no facilities not even a decent washroom…During the same period preparing for PG entrance test…

Fighting for ‘desired’ seat of specialization…taking it wherever you get…separation from family…for 3 more long years…if one is married and is compelled to relocate…that’s the way it is…period.

During this PG …one is treated as an ‘officer’ who is supposed to handle all the pain of being in government service…bad work life…trivial salary…unlimited work…and yes, sullied bosses..full of stupid ideas and careless ‘attitude’…more stress…full fledged surgical responsibilities…one mistake can lead to death or permanent disability or even blindness.

No festivals, no family gatherings, no togetherness, no warmth…and the growing burden of studies, patients, seniors, exams….more stress.

But someday all of this is surmounted…after an arduous journey of 10 years… someday they deserve to be called as ‘Doctor’…

If you are related to someone like this…you will feel proud. Very proud.


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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