Lokhandwala – Man of Steel

Watched it on a Wednesday evening to pep-up my spirit in middle of the week. Alas, it did not work.

Man of Steel, the movie, is a visual treat full of animated action and trill. Sadly, nothing beyond that. 

Hi-Tech Sci-Fi movie where I felt the story was forced into predetermined action and animation.

The hero (Clark) is born on some other planet (Krypton) to super-normal humans whose race and planet is about to come to an end. So they send him to Earth. 

The military leader of Krypton, General Zod, attempts to take control of the planet with his evil intentions to protect his own bloodlines. He is enraged to know that Jor-El, hero’s father, has sent his little boy to earth and kills him in fury. Zod is sent on exile as punishment and therefore vows to come back to take revenge by tracing Kal (true name of our hero) and bringing him under his control. (This scene reminded me of Gabbar Singh in Sholay shouting – Muzshe dushmani bohot mahangi padegi Thakur)

Kal, christened as Clark, is nurtured on a farm by a couple who finds him. He has extra-terrestrial powers. He looks like a normal man but can do things that are too freakish for human race. He can fly, lift trucks, push buildings etc etc…(Reminded me of Rajnikant)

He is taught by his dad (the one who brings him up) not to use his powers even when people try to undermine him. His mind is trained to use his force for only ‘Good’. He grows up to become a humble worker who never shows his gifted potential to anyone.
A news reporter secretly comes face to face with his true identity and wants the whole world to know about his powers. Nobody believes her until the day when Zod makes a come back. He attacks earth. He demands Kal to surrender and threatens to demolish earth. (Remended me of…Hume tumhe charo aur se gher liya hai…Apne aap ko Kanoon ke hawale kar do)

And here starts the fight between Zod and Kal…my my..too much of banging on iron and steel. The funny part was in the end. The movie shows, Zod can survive shocks of crushing his head against walls, glasses, iron etc..but he dies when the hero breaks his neck. This was too filmy! Cheeranjivi style!

The movie ends on equally funny note. Our hero take up a job of news reporter. He finally finds himself in “News”…(This reminded me of classic hindi film ‘The End’ Style!)

If you want to know how Superman became Lokhandwala, go for it…

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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