It’s About To Rain

Takes me strait 20 years back in time. If I am dreaming right now, this a sleepy Sunday afternoon of summer vacation. The vibrant vacation is about to be over. This is a day in Type II-B of housing colony where I grew up. This is a day from unwashed memory of growing up in HAL Township…

We (Kuttu, Anni, Tinku and Me) are sitting under a large mango tree. It is laden with ‘kalmi-aam’. Three hours of tiresome short-pitch cricket. Two teams of two players each, in a small garden adjoining the house of Nairs…we are silent, still and somewhat sad. 

Tinku broke the silence…”Kal se school shuru” …and suddenly all of us took off…”kitne jaldi khatam ho gaya vacation”…”

It’s cloudy…It’s about to rain….

The garden is full of tall trees…Mango, Tamrind, Peepal, Neem…force of the wind is strong…it’s making these woods sing and dance. ‘kalmi aam’ are falling on asbestos roof house.

Our serpentine chatter, from school teachers to world-cup matches and from WWF to long forgotten early morning jogging plans, is jostled by Anni, “full jor-se barish anewala hai… mitti ki khushbu aa rahi’s raining somewhere”

And in less than five minutes it starts raining. We feel the rain drops on our heads, tickling us, making us smile, making us laugh, making us jump, dance, shout and go berserk. 

We are running towards the play ground. In no time we are soaked in that mystical first rain of township. We are bathed in mesmerizing and enchanting blissful joy…

20 years have gone by. But I can still feel that moment, that day in my life. Nothing, not even time, can erase the lasting impression of that summer afternoon…somewhere somehow it is safe, forever.

I just had a phone call form a place not very far from township. It’s raining there. Kids are howling and screaming with maddening joy. It’s a beautiful design. They hardly know, 20 years later, how much they will miss this first rain. 


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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