Ingenious Jeans

Two Americans in 1853 invented something that changed the way we dress. Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss have actually touched millions of lives in ways that the duo would have never imagined. Be it used as smart casuals or dumb formals, jeans forms a part of our daily life.

People of all ages (yes, it’s changing now!), religions, customs, occupations wear jeans. Very few shy away from putting up a pair of denims. But well there is something called ‘cotton jeans’ (something like ‘veg-biryani’ or ‘tomato omelet’) which acts as a close substitute. 

We like to carry at-least one pair of jeans in our bag wherever we go. Be it marriage or business trip or picnic or whatever. Sometimes I wonder if there is something in our genes that attracts us to jeans. How does our genetic system help us accustom to this way of clothing?

Let’s not philosophize it anymore. People use it for sheer convenience and comfort. Maybe also because there are other perks attached. Like – 

  • Needs no ironing…best suited for unorganized, casual and informal situations (and people too!)
  • Can be compressed in any size and shape…good for people who prefer adding jeans as the last item into the bag with least priority in the sequence of packing. When the bag has almost no space left, the way we adjust it is so brutal that given a chance, I would prefer carrying it in hand or round the neck while going to the airport.
  • if urgency of the situation demands, it works effectively as hand sanitizer.
  • Like a classic wine, gets better with time…  fading of colour has no co-relation with the time left for scrapping it! 
  • Little bit of tattering is just fine…because you convince yourself saying.. “if others can pay factory workers of companies that sell torn jeans to make holes in it, it’s ok if I do it myself”
  • It’s not mandatory to wash jeans after using it on just couple of occasions…it’s not made for clean and clear looks!
  • Hangers are not required to store jeans in closets…infact closets are also not required if to store jeans if you are a bachelor types who believes in scattered creative liberal housekeeping!
  • Stains of ink, mud etc…often indicates your attachment and ability to use jeans seriously.
  • While travelling in cold climatic conditions, keeps your lower body warm.
  • The chances of mosquito bites reduce significantly (depends a lot on type of mosquito!) if you are wearing a pair of jeans instead of cotton trouser.
  •  Wallets can be tucked in front pockets safely,to be sure that it would take hell of an effort for a pickpocketer to rip you off.
  • Brand of the jeans you wear shows your ability to appreciate the marketing efforts of companies that tried selling it to lakhs of people but succeeded with intelligent few like you.

Well these are just some benefits of using jeans…there could be more. Let me know a few that you have experienced. Afterall you have different pair of genes!


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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