IMT Nagpur campus blossoms once again

Last time we experienced buzz on the campus was during convocation of 2013-15 batch. It happened in the month of March and since then campus life of IMT-N had slowed down. Juniors got busy with their assignments and end-term exam preparations. Evenings looked dull as the summer heat was catching-up. Come April and the campus got deserted. Juniors left for Summers and most faculty got busy preparing for annual review meeting in. 

Though I was out of campus for most part of May on vacation, I made a week long trip towards end of the month and also stayed on campus. The temperature of Nagpur during that week (25-31 May) was terribly high. At 46 degree celsius the only choice was to get locked inside my air conditioned office room. Evening time was all about getting locked inside AEC room. Midnight temperatures were as high as 38 degrees! Made me feel literally sick.

Things did not change in early June when temperature reduced to 42-43 degrees. But the activities for inducting and orienting the new batch were catching speed. Light showers, cloudy weather and the long soothing breeze were quietly entering 35 Kms milestone region on katol road. And the breeze brought lots of pollen grains of 2015-17 batch. Last Sunday new students, many of them along with their parents, arrived at our campus. It was wonderful to see the amusement with which they moved around the redbricks. Some of them were accompanied by their younger siblings, bhaiyya, bhabhi, mausi, bua etc. All were going round and round all across the campus to explore the place where they were going to spend probably the best days of their life. 

Now the evenings have got an awesome look. It’s cool outside and the new joinees are crazily flocking in groups all over the place. I see boys forming teams on football ground, chatter party of girly groups outside co-operative store, nerds hanging together discussing some corporate update and things like ‘culture’ of IIM-A. There are pairs walking hand in hand (isn’t that too fast!), there are groups around sunshine gate, AEC block, outside canteen, groups of Dilliwale, South Indians, Mallus, Bongs, Punekars. They all are trying to know each other, impress each other, understand and accept each other. They are all unsure what this MBA is going to be like but they all have hopes that they will make it large, in and off this campus. Whole lot of buzz is back at IMT Nag, once again. There are green shoots everywhere. Next week the long awaited monsoon rain will hit Nagpur. The seniors will be back too. They will have lots of fundas to share, gyaan to enlighten and hand holding to encourage these first timers. There will be new set of n P r and n C r (permutations and combinations!). Life goes on and on. Rains along with pollen grains will ensure that campus gets back its colourful flowers.

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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