I Owe Tea (IoT) Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) will change the way we see our world in less than 15-20 years from now. IoT will also change the way we experience physical things around us. The experience of driving a car might be very different in 2030! On your way back home, you might be in a position to toast the bread via digitally connected toaster placed in your kitchen! Or unlock the door for your house using some smart locking system programmed by sensors to unlock itself exactly 3 minutes after the car reaches its place in the parking lot! 

In a lighter vein, one or more of the following could happen to me (when I’m busy making other plans) through IoT –

My phone will hear and remember my promise to buy a cup of tea for a friend and flash ‘I Owe Tea’! 

A digital glass of water will be splashed on my face as soon as I open my eyes and try to press the snooze button for alarm.

A digital samosa will be delivered through my favourite messenger app to activate my salivary gland by sensing that I have not had something spicy for last 48 hours. 

An internet robot or ‘bot’ will give me a call to remind me that I need to smile and greet my wife as soon as I reach home today, as it is my father in law’s birthday. 

A remote controlled tiffin box will send the picture of unfinished leftover food in the box to our maid with CC to wife. It will calculate the descriptive statistics of average food wasted last month in order to change the quantity of food to be packed in the coming months!

A ‘smart hair oil’ will measure the rate of change in the hair fall, the mix of black and white hair and suggest the frequency and volume of hair colour to be applied for a ‘smart’ look.

On reaching home from office, the shirt thrown on sofa will be picked by a household drone and transferred to the laundry bag. A ‘smart washing machine’ will come and pick it up, wash and dry it before the drome again picks it for ironing.

The ‘smartphone’ will be programmed by Her Majesty (my wife!) to move away at the rate faster than the rate of my movements in the house in order to avoid contact from me. Just in case I grab it the touch screen will turn blank as soon as it senses my presence!

Nanotechnology based material used in utensils and soiled plates will wash themselves or even decline to get washed depending on who has used them in which way.

Tooth brush will play music, polishing shoes will clean window panes, walking in ‘smart slippers’ will recharge phone batteries, sound of sobbing will trigger the order for pastry, chuckling and laughing will automatically open the beer cans and what not! 

Long live the digital revolution. That day is not far when we shall be dead in matter but shall resurrect and continue to live forever in the digital space. One day we all shall become a part of that infinite journey. It might happen sooner than we think. May be we are already there.


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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