Family Economist

If there can be family doctors, I think there should be family economists too!

What will they consult you about is not as important as how much will they charge!

Will they have time to work for this Noble cause…!

Will they be honest enough to present the correct data…i mean results…!

What if they enter into a debate about which family deserves their service etc etc….!

Anyways, they might advise members of the family about –

What to spend, how to spend, how much to spend and why not to spend….

Savings, savings and savings…for the future of their great grandest children…

Educate the family about …National Income, GDP, Investment Expenditure, Consumption Expenditure, Capital Formation Bla bla bla …of the county where they reside (not where the family lives)

Ask the ‘head’ of the family to arrange a meeting in 5 Star Hotel…talk about government and it’s role in family welfare…pull out their recent paper on this topic and discuss about your views on the topic….

Wake you up in the middle of the night to inform you about some award/honor bestowed upon them and take this opportunity to fix up next appointment with your family…

Bombard words like ‘Model’ and ‘Time Series’ so much that even a 5th grader in the family (kid) will be able to share his opinion about these terms….

Go away from you life will little ‘value-addition’ but with lot of ‘Recovery’. In fact while paying their fees, meaning of the word ‘inflation’ will become very clear to you. 

If this is on your mind…may God (just one level above them) Bless You! 


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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