Engineering + Commerce = E-Commerce

B.Com is not as fancy as Engineering. The former is often considered as an easy escape from boring, tedious and at times torturous studenthood. The later of course is often considered as an easy escape from everything except the above three must-haves of studenthood. Engineers are supposed to have all kinds of solutions (chemical or otherwise) to all kinds of problems (whether they exist or not). B.Com folks are psuedo-humans who usually have problem from every solution. Engineers can think while commerce graduates pretend to think. An engineer has brains but a similar animal who has pursued B.Com has a perfect skull with fully functional eyes, nose, ears and jaws. Whenever these species meet each other in b-schools or jobs, they feel the vastness of space between them.

The boundaries of graduate qualifications are blurring fast. E-commerce has brought the best of both worlds together. Technology (engineering) and business (commerce) are working hand in hand to enrich our living experience. One without other does not go very far. Business cannot grow without technology. E-commerce has made it possible to connect the dots which merely appeared to look like scarred plots in space. Everything from buying, selling to exchanging has changed. Whether it’s consuming or sharing, whether it’s asking or giving, whether it’s demanding or supporting, there is a whole new mind at work around us. This powerful mind encompasses us cutting through the barriers of time and space. How else could we have imagined the dawn of a new scientific era, a new scientific revolution.

Are science and commerce different from each other? Are inventions and innovations different from each other? Scientists and Businessmen do differ from each other in almost all the ways. But their penultimate goal is betterment of human life. Scientists are driven by curiosity of seeking answers while businessmen are driven by aspiration to commercialize the outcomes of scientific discoveries. Both work for each other. The funding for scientific research often comes from financial support provided by governments or business houses. If it’s government funded, it is taxpayers money which he or she has earned by working for some commercial enterprise. If it is funding from business, it has its roots in commercial success of some previously established and monetized invention. It is a process of co-creation. 

No two things in this world are different. All of us are connected. Each is just a fraction of a single large unity. How about starting a new program called Cngineering or Eommerce!


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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