Dilli Mein Do Din

I am back from Delhi after a short trip of two days. Every time I visit this vibrant city I tend to get into comparative mode. Having born and brought-up in a culture (no religious/communal ideologies here) which is so very different from the essential Delhi way of living, I just cannot shy away from comparing the city with rest of India!

So what are some unique things about Dil walo ki Dilli? Well, here are some … all jumbled up one below the other!

Aggression in every walk of life – speaking, living, spending and loving! 

Straightforward and direct talk (coupled with lot of slang – can’t mention those peculiar ones hereon issues where ‘self respect’ is at stake.

Friendliness for strangers. The ‘yaar’ way of interacting with outsiders. 

‘O Ji’ and ‘Haan Ji‘ that comes out of respect and need for respect in many ways. 

Constant concern to avoid ‘be-izzati’ by someone.

Pride and prejudice about ‘Yeh Dilli Ke Log’.

“Tu janata nahi hai mein kon hu” … for every small fight that crops up due to non-compromising attitude.

Unconcerned behavior (public places) …‘Chalta hai bhai’

The ‘metro’, CP, DU, JNU …related chats.

Typical use of ‘Bhai-Sahab‘ during arguments.

The use of suffix ‘yo’ for Hindi words… kariyo, dediyo, le-jaiyo.

Oye‘ for all types of exclamations and surprises.

Dal-Makhni, Aloo Ke Parathe, Butter Chicken, Chole-Kulche and Lassi.

Then there are Taus from Haryana, Bhayyas from U.P. and Bihar, Papaji from Punjab and other people from neighboring places who add their own flavors to the taste of Delhi. 

Some think they are shrewd, some think they live with show-baazi and for some they appear to be unsophisticated. But for me its a place which homes the decisive and brave, loud yet determined and tricky but intelligent species of planet earth.

Dil Se likha hai ji.


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

2 thoughts on “Dilli Mein Do Din”

  1. Sir, this blogpost can actually make the reader visualize 'Dilwalo ki Dilli.' You have beautifully captured the very minute yet the typical 'tadka' of Delhi. Dil se likha hua Dilli ke baare me ye post chaa gaya sir. 🙂


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