Dieting Fighting

What are some of common excuses we give to eat that extra gulab-jamun which is desperately waiting to jump into our plate? Well, the list will be too long as it always is when it comes to self control. What I wish to share here is other side of the story of how well-wishers want us to eat well and stay healthy, just the way we are!

Dieting is serious business. I feel dieting is equivalent to penance. There are no shortcuts. But while first couple of days are full of excitement, what follows later is a comic mix of excuses and experiments. No wonder the end result is astonishing superb. Weight Gain by couple of pounds!

My first experience with dieting started 15 days ago. Soon after the weighing machine declared me seriously overweight, I took an oath to lose some calories. As always members of my family laughed it away and made sure I didn’t start on an aggressive note! One of them, “Oh come-on, you don’t look like you are overweight.” Beware of this trap. What people mean here is ‘of course you are overweight but you don’t look like one’. Another said, “You need to start exercising. This dieting-fighting is useless. Eat well or else you will face other problems.” Another trap. I have never understood what these ‘other’ problems are. Then there was one who encouraged me to diet. But he gave me long list of ‘Yeh tum kha sakte ho ..ha ha woh sab khane se kuch nahi hota..‘ Some good friends contributed their bit of chalta hai ..banta hai towards dieting. While on lunch table a colleague screamed ..”Bus! ho gaya! are you alright? What happened, stomach upset hua hai kya?” So I tell him my side of the story and wait for another remarkable reaction which results in additions to the list of do’s and don’t’s. Some slender guys declare, “Look eating is not the reason why you are putting-on weight. Look at me. I eat four times a day and still I am so slim!”. Rujuta Divekar fans suggest ‘fundamental’ changes in your eating habits. Salman Khan fans suggest gym. Some suggest yoga, some bicycle riding, some swimming…it goes on and on. One fellow went on to the extent of convincing me that I need to overeat for few weeks. This will make me reach my optimum level of weight, after which the weight gain will stop. One ‘expert’ is of the opinion that my weight is due to my sedentary profession and I must change my profession (what!) before it’s too late! But listen to this master stroke. My most hilarious experience of getting free consultancy on weight loss was from a man who asked me to stop thinking for few hours a day! He said, “You see Sir, weight gain is result of stress. You must practice something called as thoughtlessness at least four to five hours a day.” I felt like asking him a locker in his room to keep my brain for few hours a day with him and become thoughtless. 

Believe me there is no fun bigger than trying your luck with dieting. And if you do lose some pounds, you will end-up gaining tonnes of ‘knowledge’ using which you too can enlighten other poor souls striving to avoid that extra gulab-jamun in their plate. 

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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