Debacle followed by a Miracle

This happened on 23rd of March, Sunday, a hot summer afternoon in Pune. The protagonist was handed over the charge of delivering a bag stuffed with household goods to one of his relatives. The place was 10 kilometers away. He decided to take a auto-rickshaw from the not-so-popular Pimpri area to some-what-popular Khadki area. As luck would have it, he forgot to collect this (red) bag from the auto and merrily walked empty handed (for 10 mins) to his relative’s place. On realizing the blunder he had made, he rushed to the place where he was dropped by the auto driver only to find nobody present at the spot! On narrating his tale to couple of other auto fellas in the vicinity of the spot he was mocked-off saying “Saheb he is gone and remember this is Pune. Thousands of autos ply here. Don’t strain yourself. Forget your bag and go home.” 

On hearing this merciless judgement, our hero’s heart sank with despair. Inside the bag was his wife’s saree, gifts for his parents, toys for his nephew, some painstakingly collected antiques and above all, lots of emotions. He cursed himself for being an absent minded professor! 
But at that very moment he reminded himself some fairy tale-cum-motivational talk-cum-Hollywood epic where nothing is impossible. He decided to fight back against his own stupidity. Determined to reclaim the lost bag from this innocent thief, he went back to the place where he had boarded that auto (Pimpri). Of-course the response from the auto fellas at that place too was not very encouraging but since time was on their side (as they were waiting for their next sawari), they narrated tales of honesty and compassion by other auto-rickshaw drivers. He was told that never in his life does an auto fella cheat any passenger! Several such bags have been returned in recent past. Suddenly the hero felt his bag was in safe hands!

He was told that all autos follow a specific track from morning till night. The auto that dropped him was destined to return to its starting point in every two hours. Now there was no looking back. Heat, thirst, pain, come what may. Hero decided to wait at that point until his auto fella would return there with a red bag. Unfortunately this did not work. Two long hours went by. People around the place started discussing his issue. Some made fun, some consoled and some boosted confidence. Some said God is great, some said his luck was hard and some said auto drivers in general were pathetic. Hero felt lost. So he decided to go back to the point where he was dropped (Khadki). How many more trips. Was he being irrational? What was he going to achieve after such an ordeal? Was it worth undergoing so much stress? But he focused his mind on the positive outcome. En-route he kept thinking about a sense of accomplishment he would experience if his efforts proved to be successful. 

Hero gets down at the point where he had forgotten to collect his bag. Moves around the place talking to all auto fellas around. No luck. Suddenly a young auto driver asks him what’s the problem. He narrates the incidence. This time the auto driver shouts in joy…”Saheb, your bag is with a fella called ‘Lal’…he is searching for you since noon…he is tensed because a left-out bag can contain a bomb! Let me call him…he will be relived of all the tension. Come I will take you where he is waiting.

And this brings an end to this fairy tale episode in the life of our hero. He got his bag with all its goods and emotions intact. Auto driver claimed his prize and gave his piece of mind too. That moment when the hero took charge of his red bag from Lal’s hands marks another miracle in the eventful life of this absent minded professor.   


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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