D Company

In academics one gets to enjoy ‛D Company’ i.e. company of doctorates. It becomes more and more valuable specially if one in pursuit of this degree himself.

D Company and Dadas therein provide guidance, mentorship and motivation to strive towards academic excellence. There are brain storming sessions and heart warming discussions. There are debates on research methods and there are rebates on conference participations. There is idea generation and there is some jugaad generation. Intellectual stimulus gets a kick or jerk whatever it is!

Dadas have muscle (power in jaws). Non-dadas have fat (that needs burning). Students have burning blood as they have fire in their belly. All put together, life is beautiful with D & Co. If you don’t have one, get one. ASAP.


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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