An Idea can Change your Life?

What is an Idea Sir ji?

An idea is any thought that makes impact on the lives of people around you. What about your own life? It does get affected in due course. Example, I was fascinated with the idea of buying a smart phone! Doesn’t that prove the point?

Ideas of great men have shaped the way we think. Indeed ‘ideas’ are very powerful. But, it is not as easy as making a Masala Maggi or Instant Coffee. It takes toil of life time, in most cases. In order to reach an Eureka moment, one must allow his thoughts to ‘sink’ in. Else he is snubbed for his naive thinking.

Ideas are powerful but what really has and will continue to change your, his, her and everyone’s life, is action. So the fact is “An idea can change your life but action alone will make it happen.”

Do more, be more.


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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