Alcohorlick- Story of a Teetotaler

Long long ago there lived a teetotaler. He never tried or tasted any form of alcohol in his life. All his friends use to mock him for his lack of ‘maturity’. He barely went to parties. He lived a sought of austere life till the age of 25.

After marriage he continued to drink Horlicks every morning as religiously as he did 20 years ago. He had got stuck in time. He was sought of grown-up kid, according to many who had seen him over the years.
On many occasions, people deliberately offered him a glass of whisky and scoffed by saying, “Sorry man, but I wish we had made arrangements for Horlicks here”.

Anyways…he managed to survive. Some of his friends who were hardcore boozers had gone little too far by tagging themselves as “occasional” drinkers.
Sometimes the occasion use to as frequent as 5 times a week. But they thought it was necessary to drink to “get chilled” and “relax”. 

This led to a lot of expansion in their lives. Some developed pot-belly where as some looked older by 10 years. He was happy he had none of these assets.

One fine morning something happened that rocked him to the core.

He was in the civil hospital to meet someone. There he saw one of his school friends, Pradeep, being rushed to operation theater. His wife and his little girl were crying. Pradeep had suffered a fatal heart attack.
Mr. Teetotaler sat with her throughout the time doctors operated Pradeep. He consoled her and made her feel strong. During this time, she explained him that his friend had become an alcoholic. He started with few cans of beers and now reached a state of dependence on alcohol. She told him how Pradeep preferred drinking over little joys of everyday life, to derive pleasure. Ammu, his girl, lost the “dad” in him. Pradeep survived the heart attack but his family life and marriage went for a toss.

Next morning, Mr. teetotaler got-up late. He had to catch his office bus. He took a quick shower. Looked at the wall clock. He still had 10 mins time. He knew he was going to mess-up his schedule, if went for a mug a “hot chocolate”. But you know how addictions are. He could not stop himself from going for it. 

The first sip did it’s job. Soothing…relaxing…energizing…first sip….

He said to himself “really addicted to Horlicks…have become an alcohorlick…” 

Habits are neither bad nor are they good…they are habits….we all are same.

Indeed he messed-up. He was late to reach the pickup point by few minutes …almost missed it but finally sprinted and hopped into bus. Because today was a big day at work. He had to present his project report before the management. Very critical day. Going late was not an option at all. 

Hence Mr. Teetotaler said to his colleague, “Yaar, if this bus was missed, I had it. Iss Horlicks ke chakkar mein mujhe heart attack aa jata…”

But Mr. teetotaler made it in time. Neither he had heart attack nor strangled relationship with his boss.


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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