A Tribute to My Teachers

My earliest memory of a teacher dates back to the time when I was introduced to a school. I faintly remember my first teacher’s face but I sharply recollect those days of unbridled enthusiasm. All of you too must be having some remembrance of days when you were trying to make sense of the lot of things around you. Usually it is very hard to forget those days. Schools and teachers just stick in our minds for all our life. These connections, it seems, are hard wired in our brains even before they happen.

Today is Teacher’s Day. My mind goes back in time. Today, I think of all the teachers I have had since childhood. I think of all those wonderful moments spent in classrooms. I think of virtues like simplicity, honesty and humility taught to me. And so I think of going back and touching the feet of all my beloved teachers who made me a respectable person. 

I was lucky to have taken tuition from Prema Teacher, Mohini Teacher, Kulkarni Teacher and Rathi Sir. In school it was Usha Teacher (English), Kathe Sir (Social Sciences), Dominique Teacher (Natural Sciences), Madane Teacher (Sanskrit) Poornapatre Sir (Marathi) and Sharma Teacher (Hindi). On sports field it was Sanjay Patil Sir and Satpute Sir. In arts and crafts hall it was Marathe Sir and Mithare Sir. This list is very short and is subject to limitations of my weak memory. I also had in high school some great teachers like Kiran Chandra Madam (Economics), Joshi Sir (Accounting), Kanetkar Sir (Hindi) and Bhule Sir (Commerce). In grad school I was very fortunate to have studied Statistics from Prof. S. Parathasarathy who not only fortified my foundations of Stats but also evoked my interest in management science. He shaped my thinking phenomenally. So do I remember Mr. Satish Rohankar a Cost Accountant whose able guidance inspired me to take up the professional course of ICWA and complete it with excellent grades. While undergoing PhD coursework, I met some excellent teachers of Maths and Econometrics in Pune like Prof. Apte, Prof. Kulkarni and Prof. Manasi Phadke. Their passionate interactions in classroom has helped me open my mind towards quantitative subjects. I learned that everything is possible provided one has willingness to work hard consistently despite failures.

Well, these are some names. There are many more whose names I am not able to cite now. But they have played their role. Their contribution will continue to illuminate my personality. A teacher can truly blossom your whole life. I have tons of responsibility on my shoulders. Now I know what it means to be a Teacher.

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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