‘Train’ing in Indian Railways

In my childhood (sometimes even now) I have heard many people use the word railway and train interchangeably. Aapki Bus kitne baje ki hai …..oh acha aap toh railway se jaa rahe ho na!! There is sufficient difference between railways and trains. Railway refers to track on which the train runs! 

This is no big deal, right? We all know this. But ever wondered why is it called train? Perhaps because a railway tour trains you in many ways. Especially a journey by Indain Railways is much more than Iayee arrrrr sheee teeeaa shheee…(IRCTC)! 

Even a Garibrath (I really love this name…good example for teaching figure of speech) is full of rich experiences!

First of all, it helps you to understand the value of patience in your daily life. Getting a ticket in one go, online or inline is more than a grand stoke of luck (it can be a stoke of buck though!) Tatkal sounds to me more like Shakaal and Mahakaal…some monstrous villainous character.

Second, a train journey helps us improve your immune system. We can’t avoid water. Train water (antonym of rain water), ‘Rail-Neer’ or ‘Aqua-fantastica’, is a rich source of all kinds of minerals, mud and dust particles. It also has a lot of protein, vitamin, iron and may be even brass and other alloys. It helps you to quench your thirst as well as supports the digestion system to the fullest possible extent. Must try and experience. 

Third, fellow passengers can teach us Art, Science and Commerce of Living! Either they don’t talk at all which forces you to admire the beauty in and around the train, or they talk so much that by the end of the journey you end up acquiring great listening skill. After all it’s not easy to be a good listener. Then there are some who have kids and mind you these are not normal kids. They are brought to the train by recharging them with two types of recharges. One is ‘Full Talk Time’ and the other is a STV, Special Train fanaticism Voucher, for hyper dynamic behavior. They too are good source of life skills and soft skills training.

Fourth, the train staff, sarkari officers and workers, are thorough professionals. They know how to – change the topic, suggest alternative courses of actions, communicate impossibility of situation and raise hope by motivating you to suffer (hindi word sums it all) the inescapablity of the situation. T.T.E and his team is extremely job oriented. They have KRAs and targets (not you and me, ok!). So poor souls are always found in ‘on your mark get set go’ spirit.

Finally, if you are travelling with your spouse, you come out of the train as a better husband or wife as the case be. I say this with a lot of conviction. Sitting next to each for hours together, for no specific reason, on a long journey is indeed a revealing experience. It’s worth giving it a try. 

So next time you get a chance, skip that 5.45 am flight and take a train. Have some fun. Talk a lot and also learn how to be quite. I am sure you too will have enough enjoyable experiences to narrate. 

So see you there on Platform Number …


Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

One thought on “‘Train’ing in Indian Railways”

  1. Sir, my FB status on May 18, 2013 :-
    “After 2 hours of irritation on IRCTC website….hush…. got the ticket….!!! — in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.”
    It is self explanatory………..!!!


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