Unity in Diversity – Vivekanand, Osho, J.Krishnamurti and S.S. Ravishankar.

Friday afternoon, I think, is the most creative time of the week. We tend to do think about things we like. I considered picking up a few books on spirituality from the library to read them over the weekend. Some of my favorites are Swami Vivekanand, Osho, J. Krishnamurty and S.S Ravishakar.   

I have been reading from the works of these masters on and off. But yesterday while reading I thought of reflecting on what I have been reading for some years. I was just wondering whether there is any difference in the philosophies of these thinkers? Are they really not conveying the same message? The whole idea with which they (their books and talks) communicate with us is different or it’s the same?

I am an earthly soul who is just another guy in the crowd out here. But some of the commonalities which I could grasp are – 

A) Happiness, Smile and Joy is what we are made for. It can come from anything and everything. Rag pickers can have loudest laugh while a fast-track star performer may weep alone in the restroom.

B) Service to the family, friends and those who are in need of help. Lot of it depends on our definition of who is part of our family and whom do we consider as a dear friend. It can be paperwala boy and driver of our cab!
And …
C) Love and sacrifice goes a long way in making of a hero (one who is known for his/her merits beyond his organisation and social circles) rather than hatred, politics and cut-throat. You can’t go very far with what is not really your true nature. 

Well, we all are trying to exceed our limits everyday. It’s not easy but it’s ok. I think it’s good to make an attempt… at least that keeps us busy for good reasons. 

Somehow the lines from P.L Deshpande’s ‘Pestonji’ strike me here. Peston kaka asks Pu La .. “a bhausaheb a sala he God God kay lafda ahe…” (What is this whole issue called God?). And then with a lot of compassion Pestonji himself says “you know some say God is truth, some say love is God pan apan mhante (but I say) God is suffering. What ever you get is yours. Accept it with a smile”.

So…Pestanji can also form a part of the list of gurus if you are are open to everyday wisdom. Small random thoughts…but they make an impact.

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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