Socializing, Networking and Not-working!

This one is about social networking…and a little bit about not-working too.

The use of social media is ever increasing with the spread of internet service providers and their pro-poor plans. These plans are probecause they are professionally managed and poor because their cost will make us poor. We have got used to Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, E-mails, Blogs etc…etc…so much so that a day without internet is like a day without food and water. We feel handicapped and we feel dumb, which we are actually not!

This urge to remain connected, to know what others are saying about you or about someone you know, is growing stronger. First came the message packs. 1000 messages for 50 bucks. 2000 for 80 and 3000 for 100…forget the cost-benefit for some time. I have had SMSs ranging from ‘Hey man how r u doing’ (at 4 am in the morning) to ‘Enjoying wada-pav @karjat railway station’. I felt like replying …’Just enjoy the wada-pav  kindly don’t enjoy sending a free SMS from your phone OK. But I never oppose things that I am used to!

Fortunately all of that is fading because now it’s the 24X7 internet connection. Many of us are always online always available.  Result is this. I don’t care while eating my lunch whether little bit of salt would have made the dish more relishing. I care about the notification that is about to pop-up post my comment on his comment that was posted on her post about his comment…such a lot of hard work!!

Avoid this kind of hardship at work. At your workplace always try to do gross-working (grass working will also be fine!) and not net-working. Gross is the hard way. Do a good job. After all one needs to put in extraordinary efforts to achieve extraordinary results. Finally, If it is proved that you are not-working and just networking then all this socializing will be useless. You may have 3000 friends who are roaring to ping you but if you don’t have enough work then the ATM will not ping back and spouse will be roaring to go.

So have a good day…stay connected, with your work!

Author: anilkshatriyablog

I work as Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting at IMT Nagpur. I love teaching, writing and cycling. I follow a simple principle, 'Help ever, hurt never'.

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